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Private Be+


Private. Individual alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing lessons, we will adapt to your specific needs, you decide what you want and we help you to get it, do not hesitate to book your class or contact us.

  • Low season: € 50 / hour.
  • Shoulder season: € 55 / hour.
  • Peak season: € 60 / hour.

Classes 3+

Classes 3+

Classes for small groups that have a similar level, in BE + we believe that teaching in collective lessons is not incompatible with the quality or with personal attention, maximum number 5 people each group.

  • Adults: From 3 or more students with similar level. 60€ for a 3 hours lesson, per person.
  • Children: starting as young as  4 years old, from 3 or more students with similar level and ages. 50 €  for 3 hours lesson, per person.

Adapted skiing Be+

Adapted skiing

We fully understand the needs of people with functional diversity, so we are able to adapt and make the experience of snow something unique for all these people. With us, there are no barriers. Do not hesitate and enjoy your experience in the snow with us, book your class or contact us, from € 50 / hour.


Freeride Be+


Whether inside the ski area or outside of it, our professionals and guides will make you enjoy backcountry ski in the best spots while keeping you safe.

Also, if you do not have safety equipment (probe, shovel and DVA) we will provide it to you.

Be+ Mountain activities

Mountain activities

We offer you a different way of enjoying the snow and the mountain,  safely exploring the mountains with an expert guide, do not hesitate to hire your activity or contact us.

Alpinism, snow shoes, ice climbing, touring ski…

Be+ Club


Our club is much more than a traditional ski club, it allow our kids to acquire an excellent ski base, enjoy and learn other disciplines such as; Freeride, ski mountaineering, mountain safety, multi-day excursions, via ferrata, climbing and much more!

Do not hesitate and inquire us about dates and conditions.


BE + was born from multiple experiences during a long career linked to snow, sports and the mountains. For this reason and because of how we understand teaching, we have decided to create a different kind of school based on the following principles.

Your ski school in Baqueira

Student centric: Your goal is our starting point. We will adapt to you, you decide what you want and we make it possible.

The best professionals at your service.

Safety First: our priority is that you progress safely, regardless of your level and the terrain in which you move.

Fun for everyone: whether taking your first steps on green tracks or enjoying a day of backcountry powder snow we want you to have fun.

For us, teaching is not just a job,  it is our passion and that is what we want to transmit to you.

Different; with our unique way of understanding the world of snow, we want to create a different concept of school, in which the fundamental pieces are you and your needs.

Adaptability; we know that we are all different and we do not learn in the same way, therefore, our professional teaching staff will adapt to your needs,  not the other way around.

Honesty, transparency and maximum level of self-demand; we want to be the best and still keep improving to provide you the best experience.

Continuous training: internal training and development programs for our staff, we want to be leaders in the sector.Wide range of services to complement your experience in the snow.

Professionalism; our staff  is properly qualified and has extensive experience, as well as a motivation and professionalism that characterizes them and makes us able to give you the best service adapted to you, as you deserve.


What is Baqueira?

Baqueira is much more than a ski resort.

Due to its Atlantic influence we have the best conditions of the peninsula, besides its modern facilities and its incredible snow production system, it allows unbeatable conditions for skiers and their families to enjoy a unique experience in the best ski resort of the peninsula; but the experience does not end here, beyond the station, the mountains of Valle de Arán are an unbeatable environment for the practice of other activities such as: Freeride, ski mountaineering, snowshoeing, mountaineering, safety courses in the snow and much more…

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